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Deadliest Catch
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Paul Hepker, Bruce Hanifan et al — Deadliest Catch (Music from the Television Series)
Release date : Sept. 25, 2007
Label : Milan Records


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(From Amazon) The Deadliest Catch is a multi-episode documentary series following the trials and tribulations of two crab fishing seasons on the Bering Sea of Alaska. The series begins in October at the opening of the Red King Crab season and ends at the conclusion of the Opelio Crab season. It s a real-life high stakes gamble for these fishermen as they can either make a year s wages or come home owing money. Each episode follows the story of individual skippers and their crews from pre-season preparation, through strategy, and along every brutal step of the way as they endure the labor of this fishery. The show airs nationwide on the Discovery Channel continuously throughout the year.

The soundtrack includes original score from Bruce Hanifan and Paul Hepker as well as a selection of the show s most exciting songs from up and coming rock bands.